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Scenic spots

ˇˇˇˇGrand Buddha Scenery Area

       Grand Buddha Scenery Area is famous of Tiancheng Maitreya Buddha of Qianshan Mountain, which is recognized as the largest Maitreya Buddha with natural form in the world and the Grand Buddha Temple in the Scenery Area is also regarded as the unique ˇ°Tiancheng Maitreya Templeˇ±. The palaces and temples are spectacular and splendid; the Maitreya Pagoda is magnificent and marvelous; and the Sarira of Shakyamuni Buddha has been kept in the Sarira Dagoba. Tiancheng Maitreya Temple is one of the most famous Maitreya temples in China composing of Thous-Buddha Pavilion, Longhua Dharma Hall, Maitreya Hall, Holographic Stereoscopic Buddha Word and Sarira Dharma Hall. The Scenery Area reflects an appealing fairyland of Maitreya Sukhavati and Longhua Scenery with picturesque natural landscape and serene and solemn cultural landscape.

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