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Scenic spots

¡¡¡¡Xianrentai National Forest Park

¡¡¡¡Xianrentai National Forest Park extends a land area of 29 km2 with an ample cluster of ancient pines over one hundred years old. Some of the pines are upright toward the sky and some are intertwined intricately. Xianrentai Peak is the highest peak of Qianshan Mountain with a height of 708.3m--which is the best choice for ¡°appreciating the sunset, the sea of clouds and lotus, and hearing the wind whistling through the pines¡± in a fabulous panorama of the eccentric pines and stones.

¡¡¡¡Xianrentai National Forest Park is famous of its distinct and extraordinary landscape with high mountains, bizarre stones, eccentric pines, ancient temples, numerous pagodas and secluded paths. The Park has always enchanted enormous literati to visit here and leave their praising works. This is an optimum choice for traveling--there are tremendous grotesque peaks, precipitous cliffs, ancient temples, ranges of hills and towering ancient trees. The Xiangtan Mountain Cluster is composed of Xianrentai Peak, Jingang Peak, Tongming Peak, Jingping Peak and Luoying Peak, etc. There is a chessboard-shape stone on the top of Etou Peak of Xianrentai with a legend that the Eight Immortals used to playing chess here. The famous Wolong Stone, Shouxing Stone, Juren Stone, Hexin Stone and Zhonggu Stone are all formed naturally; the caves such as Zushi Cave, Da¡¯an Arhat Cave, Ancient Cave, Ice Cave and Water Cave have various weird shapes, each bears the allusion or legend, which can glorify these ancient caves with mystery.

¡¡¡¡There are enormous places of interest in Xianrentai Peak Scenery Area which are honored with their long history: the five Buddhist Forests; Zhonghui Temple, Da¡¯an Temple and Xiangyan Temple; a dozen of Taoist Temples built in Qing Dynasty consisting of Five Dragons Palace, Zhaoyang Palace, Taihe Palace, Dongji Palace, Taian Palace, Doulao Palace, Shengxian Palace, Cixiang Taoist Abbey, Shilong Nunnery, Muyu Nunnery and Honggu Nunnery, etc. What¡¯s more, the Scenery Area has over one hundred famous scenic spots.


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